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My name is Tiffany Andrews-Heck and I am a licensed cosmetologist and healthy hair enthusiast. I’ve been practicing hair since 2013 and was self taught in wig making and extension installations. I later graduated from Empire Beauty school and obtained my Georgia State Master Cosmetology License. I worked abroad in South Korea from 2019-2021 where I serviced over 700 men and women over a 2 year period. I am now a salon suite owner in Gwinnett County, Georgia where I specialize in both natural hair and weave installations. 


Meet Tiffany

About Elegant Elaine


I originally focused on wig and extension services of all sorts, but over time I gained a personal love and passion for healthy hair practices as I was seeing both myself and my clients’ hair suffer due to neglect and consistent alternative styles. No hairstyle is worth the compromise of our natural tresses. I want women to know that their natural hair is in no way complicated and that the practice of maintaining healthy hair doesn’t have to be a struggle, either. I want women with textured hair to be able to find love, confidence and comfort within the strands they were born with, as well as any other style they may choose to wear. With my guidance and your effort, I believe that confidence and understanding will be the end result. Thank you for considering me as your stylist and natural hair mentor. Let’s continue to grow together.


Healthy Hair

Through plant based products, effective routines, natural hair education and professional maintenance, you will be able to take the Elegant Elaine Experience with you wherever you go. 

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